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Who we are
The Chronic Care Center is a medico-social institution, specialized in the treatment and follow-up of childhood chronic diseases: Thalassemia and Type I Diabetes.
Know The Signs
I drink a lot and feel thirsty all the time. I have frequent urination. I am always tired and hungry. I eat well yet lose weight.
Am I diabetic?
You should consult your physician. He will ask for blood glucose level and other tests to make sure if you have diabetes.
Below are some testimonials given by young patients at the Center and their parents. These simple words are merely a glimpse of the reality they endure daily.
Thalassemic patient
Michel Haddad

I am Michel Haddad, 29 years old, a Graphic Designer at ProTech-Studio/Cressendo and graduated from the Lebanese American University (LAU).
I was diagnosed of having Thalassemia Major at the age of 4 months and from that time on I started having blood transfusion.
Normally, human beings need iron in their blood for its health benefits, but in my case, the excess of iron in my body is due to blood transfusion leads to serious health problems and to abnormal bones development in some extreme cases. Therefore, to overcome this side effect of blood transfusion, and thanks to the medical progress, I am now being able to take iron chelator through oral pills and Desferal (combination treatment).
I participated and am still participating in studies that I am introduced to and my doctors confirm it.
Until now, I visit the Chronic Care Center every 21-28 days to receive my blood transfusion and medical treatment. And in the other days, I am as healthy as you are and even better.
Last but not least, I am participating in TIF (Thalassemia International Federation) conferences and Workshops, hoping to be a good and well prepared representative and leader in my country.


Thalassemic patient
Wassim Awad


I was born on 1988, during a time when pre-marriage tests were something to be unheard about.
At 3 years old, I was diagnosed of having the Major Thalassemia. Having to go the hospital every 21 days was nothing easy at first but I got used to. And by the doctor's decision in the Chronic Care Center, I took new pills with traditional chelator trough pump in order to minimize the iron in my body.
I like to say that, looking at myself, I find this thing easy compared with other illness . I'm 31 years old, living my life like any other guy at my age. I go partying whenever I get the chance to. I go for endless rides in my car; I even play sports just like everybody else.
I graduated with a BS degree in Computer Sciences in 2013 and I work in Hawa Chicken office since 2016.
Thanks to the social and medical team in the Chronic Care Center, I learned that I have to keep walking no matter what happens.


Thalassemic cured patients
Zeinab and Khawla Mcheik

Zeinab was born in 1997 and Khawla in 1999, in Hadath Baalbek. We had our bone marrow transplant in 2006, in Rome. Thanks to the Chronic Care Center, the Italian Government and our two brothers (bone marrow donors). We are cured.
We are happy because we got rid of injections & blood transfusions. Love life.