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Who we are
The Chronic Care Center is a medico-social institution, specialized in the treatment and follow-up of childhood chronic diseases: Thalassemia and Type I Diabetes.
Know The Signs
I drink a lot and feel thirsty all the time. I have frequent urination. I am always tired and hungry. I eat well yet lose weight.
Am I diabetic?
You should consult your physician. He will ask for blood glucose level and other tests to make sure if you have diabetes.

A lifelong, regular blood transfusion is the treatment for patients suffering from thalassemia. That is why, the Chronic Care Center opened its blood bank in 1995. The frequent and scheduled transfusions for a Thalassemic patient necessitate a big number of blood units per year (1-2 Red Blood Cells every 3-4 weeks) .The blood supply, which is ensured by the patients and their family, constitutes a big burden for  them. To secure safe and adequate blood supply to the patients, we receive donors and blood units drawn in other facilities, at our Blood Bank which is open Monday through Friday, 8 am till 3 pm.

According to international guidelines, the blood units are processed and screened for any infectious agents that can be transmitted from the donors to the patients. We perform the "in line filtration"on blood units drawn on site.