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On June 20, 2014, we celebrate together in joy and hope the 20th anniversary of the Chronic Care Center, 20 years of commitment for the protection of our children suffering from chronic diseases - 20 years of commitment to a better future.

My word is a message of recognition. I would like to express essentially my gratitude, our gratitude. I owe it first to God who taught me to say “thank you”.

Thank you God for giving me so much more
than I deserve.

Thank you for granting me health, energy and aptitude of endurance for listening to others, and for helping them whenever it is possible.

Thank you dear God for having blessed me with a great man I love; may his soul rest in peace. A life companion who believed in me, empowered me and helped me to reach my goal, to do my way...

Thanks God for giving us a supportive family and comprehensive children who have supported my enthusiasm and courage.

Thanks God for my collaborators, the Board of Trustees and the team of professionals and volunteers who gave their knowledge, capabilities, and support throughout 20 years of involvement and devotion.

With all those I have already mentioned and with you, dear supporters, the big dream became true 20 years ago, and the Chronic Care Center opened its door to all children with thalassemia and type I diabetes, from all over Lebanon.

Dear God we thank you so much for the smile we can see every morning on the children’s and their mothers’ faces when we cross them at the Center.

We thank you Lord for having gratified us with great and generous benefactors, sponsors and contributors
who support the cause.

I pray God to grant them His grace. I am personally grateful to everyone of you, everyone who made this celebration possible, everyone who contributed to make this event a success...


MAY 29, 1993
The first ever Telethon in Lebanon and the region is launched, creating an admirable network of love and solidarity for children suffering from chronic diseases, and helping achieve the construction and equipping of the Chronic Care Center.
JUNE 8-10, 1994
The dream becomes a reality. An official inauguration ceremony is held on June 8, with “The First Medical Symposium on Diabetes and Thalassemia” taking place at the Center, followed by a concert by Magida El Roumy and a Gala Dinner at Al Bustan Hotel on June 10.
In collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health, the premarital health certificate becomes mandatory in Lebanon, providing a significant impetus to the Thalassemia Prevention Program.
The launching of the Thalassemia Prevention Program in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs to decrease the number of newborn children affected by thalassemia. This decentralized program is hailed as a national achievement.
MARCH 1995
The establishment of a Transfusion Unit and Blood Bank. This service is vital for thalassemia treatment that requires frequent blood transfusions.
MAY 1998
The formulation of a non-profit collaborative agreement with Harvard School of Public Health. Mission: To promote research development in genetics. This agreement is renewed in May 2003 for an additional 5 years.
MARCH 2000
The inauguration of the Genetics Research Laboratory, and a conference on “The Exploration of the Human Genome Project.”
The opening of the Gift Corner, a new source of funding for the Center
MAY 2001
The Chronic Care Center, already a Member of the Thalassemia International Federation since 1994, becomes a Member of the TIF Board of Directors.
JUNE 2004
The celebration of a decade of commitment. A “Regional Conference on Advances in the Treatment of Diabetes and Thalassemia” takes place at the Center, followed by “The Tenth Anniversary Gala Dinner” held at Biel Pavillon Royal.
MAY 2005
A memorandum of understanding is signed between the “Mediterranean Institute of Hematology” (IME) and the Chronic Care Center under the patronage of the Ministry of Public Health. The objectives: To offer curative therapy, and bone marrow transplants to patients suffering from thalassemia and other inherited blood disorders.
The children’s book, “The Adventures of Monty, Monty Goes to the Vet,” is published in 3 languages, with an interactive CD and several guides on type I diabetes and thalassemia for students, parents and the public.
Thirty-five patients, ages 8 to 14, are selected from among 650 thalassemia patients under Dr. Adlette Inaty Khoriaty’s guidance to travel to Italy and undergo bone marrow transplants under the supervision of Professor Guido Lucarelli and his team in Rome and Milan. This program is sponsored by the Italian Government through IME. Results: Thirty-one young patients from the Center are completely cured.
The dream becomes a reality. An official inauguration ceremony is held on June 8, with “The First Medical Symposium on Diabetes and Thalassemia” taking place at the Center, followed by a concert by Magida El Roumy and a Gala Dinner at Al Bustan Hotel on June 10.
SINCE 2008
New modalities of treatment for type I diabetes are provided: subcutaneous insulin pumps to 60 patients, in addition to new types of insulin.
IN 2010
The Genetics Research Laboratory becomes the first laboratory in Lebanon to implement the PGD for Beta-thalassemia and sickle cell anemia, recommended for couples at risk of transmitting a genetic disorder.
IN 2012
The Center launches its new interactive website:
The Chronic Care Center joins the International Diabetes Awareness campaign “Take a Step for Diabetes,” organized by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). The Center organizes activities to raise awareness, making 12,675,000 steps, and is classified as 10th in the world.
The Chronic Care Center becomes a Member of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), an umbrella organization for over 200 national diabetes associations across 160 countries.
FROM 1994 UNTIL 2014
Despite the challenges, we succeed in keeping our doors open to all new cases, and in maintaining the momentum acquired in previous years. We are looking ahead to a brighter future thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, benefactors, contributors and friends.